The Midden

The Midden is the name of our quarterly journal, and reflects the rich resources middens offer in archaeological information.

Dedicated exclusively to the Archaeology of British Columbia, it contains:

  • Illustrated articles and news about BC Archaeology
  • A publication list and book reviews
  • Information on upcoming lectures, exhibitions and conferences
  • A full list of all permits issued by the B.C. Archaeology Branch for any archaeological projects undertaken in B.C


The Midden began as a six-page newsletter in 1968 and has gradually emerged as a respectable, bound publication.

In 1983 the first grant to assist with publication was awarded by the B.C. Heritage Trust. The Trust has continued support for publishing The Midden every year since, helping to keep our rates at a minimum and making the publication available free to our members, and at a minimal cost to subscribers around the world.

Over 300 copies of each issue are distributed to members, who receive the publication as part of their membership, and subscribers such as libraries, educational institutions, students, professional archaeologists and archaeology enthusiasts.

The Midden is produced by an editorial committee who collectively contribute to soliciting, editing and proofreading content including news, field reports, and recent publications. 

Please view the full article to look inside a recent issue of The Midden!


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